Wednesday, 28 September 2011

One Productive Week

Claire and I had a week off work last week to decorate the nursery. Claire's mum found some brilliant wallpaper online and we ordered it at the start of the week, and it arrived on the Wednesday. By that point we'd already stripped all the old paper off the walls and bought everything we needed, so the morning the paper arrived we could get stuck in.

We got most of the work done in the one day, and I must admit we struggled with the corners. At one point I wanted to redo one of them from scratch but once it was all dry it looked fine. By noon on Thursday we were completely done, leaving us enough time for a celebratory lunch and a trip to the local baby store to look at cotbeds...

So we got cracking on that too! After an hour and a half we'd put the whole thing together lengthways, but we really wanted the cot in widthways as the measurements were perfect for a snug fit at the far end of the room, but there wasn't enough space to put it together that way.

So we then attempted to turn it - lifting it up, flipping it over, squeezing it through the door - we even took an end off to get it to fit, which worked, but then there wasn't enough space to get the tools between the bed and the wall to put it back together again! So in the end we relented, and put it back the way it had been an hour before.

The next day we put the chest of draws together, and now all we have left to do is put up a new set of curtains and find a nice comfy chair for Claire, and it's done. Then all we need is the baby!

Which, by the way, I finally felt kicking this week (poor Claire - she must be black and blue on her insides now!) - last night especially. It was a moment on-par with the first time I saw its picture on the screen during the first scan. I am AMAZINGLY excited, can't wait to meet the little Wrigger :D

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