Monday, 11 July 2011

Week 10

The last month or so has followed a fairly regular schedule of wake up, hold Claire's hair while she throws up, make Claire breakfast, hold her hair again, get dressed, hold her hair, go to work, get home, hold her hair, make dinner, hold her hair, watch TV, hold her hair, bed. And occasionally one more "hold her hair" before morning.

On Friday though, things changed. Claire was so violently ill, so many times, that there was blood mixed in with all the other stuff, to make this thick brown goo. Not pleasant. So we thought if would be a good idea to take her to hospital. She was actually seen very quickly, within 15 minutes of our arrival, but once the nurse examined her she was satisfied that there was no risk to her or the baby, we went out and waited to be seen by a doctor. They took blood, etc and made us wait around for a few hours before telling us we could go home. A simple infection caused the problem, and is very likely the reason Claire's been having such a difficult time of it.

And tonight we had our first 1-on1 appointment with the midwife. It was mainly paperwork, but now that's out of the way we can look forward to our scan in a few weeks - we're just waiting for the appointment to come through now :)

BTW the little one is now the size of a bottle cap :) And that makes me fancy a beer!

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